Whey vs Pea Protein: New study unleashes the power of plant protein 💪

Discover the groundbreaking study that proves pea protein is just as beneficial as whey protein for strength gains, body composition, and enhanced performance. Say goodbye to animal-based proteins and embrace the plant-based revolution. It's time to evate your fitness journey to new heights!
Pea Protein vs Whey Protein Powder
A recent study published by NIH involved 15 HIFT-trained men and women who consumed either whey or pea protein. Below are the key points of the study (spoiler - they found pea protein is just as beneficial!)

Similar Strength Gains Both groups experienced increased strength in back squats and deadlifts, demonstrating that pea protein is just as effective as whey protein in promoting strength gains.

Comparable Body CompositionParticipants from both groups showed no significant differences in terms of body composition. This means that pea protein is just as capable as whey protein in supporting your fitness goals.

Enhanced PerformanceHIFT training proved to be a game-changer for the participants, improving maximal strength, muscle thickness, isometric force production, and body composition.

Plant Power PrevailsThe study shows similar outcomes for whey and pea protein in body composition, muscle thickness, force production, workout performance, and strength after 8 weeks of HIFT.

With LivWell Nutrition's organic vegan protein powders, you can enjoy the benefits of increased strength, improved body composition, and enhanced performance—all while staying true to your plant-based lifestyle!

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