Positive Vibes, Only

    Why We Started
    We were tired of the lack of quality plant protein products out there. All of them either did not pack the nutritional punch we were looking for or they simply tasted terrible. Before LivWell was established we made our own shakes daily. We wanted to share the wealth with everyone else. In 2015, LivWell was born, aimed at informing and providing the world with all the beneficial superfoods that bring nourishment to the body and mind.
    Our Mission
    The mission of LivWell is to make the world a better place to live for us and for our children. We believe the foundation begins with our health. In this world of heavy corporate influence, it's our goal to turn people on to the wealth of their own health, and the power that health can bring. We are here to educate those who don’t know and to provide for those who do. Health is the real wealth. It’s all we have, so let’s make it flourish.
    Responsibility and Packaging
    We take great pride in the responsibility we place upon ourselves for delivering the highest quality products possible. We only put organic ingredients in our products. Why organic? Organic means free from synthetic fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, and chemical pesticides. That’s the way nature intended it to be but industrialization has taken us off that path. We believe realization will get us back. We are as environmentally conscious as we can be and are committed to always improving. Our packaging is made with recycled material and is 100% recyclable (also 100% reusable). We envision a more sustainable green planet and we must all do our part to materialize that dream.